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other modding groups

demonic - demonic productions - you're here!
dore - dore bbs mods - has a huge amount of packs. mostly concerning renegade and nowadays mystic
food - fuck off or die (food) - great european group who have released tons of doors and mods for pcboard, system/x, and desire - no longer updated?
tow - think of woe (tow) bbs mods - one part think, one part woe, lots of mods - no longer updated?
warlock - warlock productions - very new group who recently sprang up to meet the demands of today's bbs scene. some interesting stuff including darkness igms!
woe - wasted obfuscated evolution (woe) productions - started the same time as us but ended up branching out in other directions... still, while they made mods they did some great stuff!

bbs software

daydream - daydream - an underground ami/x style system for *nix systems. still updated!
illusion - illusion was a great renegade style bbs, similar to iniquity, favored by many sysops in the late 90s.
impulse - impulse was a highly evolved by never quite finished telegard hack popular in the underground scene.
infusion - infusion is a newer software popular in europe inspired by vision/x and pipeline.
iniquity - iniquity bbs software - once one of the best bbs softwares in the underground scene.
mystic - mystic bbs software - currently the underground scene's most popular bbs software. still updated!
oblivion/2 - similar to vision/x, oblivion/2 was the #1 choice for art scene sytems in its heyday.
renegade - renegade was and still is one of the most popular bbs softwares with sysops and modders alike.
shockwave: pro - shockwave: pro - forum hack style bbs software.
synchronet - synchronet bbs software - one of the more popular bbs softwares out today. still updated!
telegard - telegard bbs - one of the classics and the later versions proved to be huge innovators as well.
vivid - vivid was demonic's own software, still somewhat under development for *nix oses.
wwiv - world war 4 - once very popular with pd and underground sysops alike, still supported in its own circles.

other related sites

acid's artpacks archive - greatmirror of the now infamous acid artpacks archive!
archeron.org - great ansi/underground art scene source
bbs central - kracked.com's (micah of demonic) own bbs news resource.
bbs news - the bbs organization bbs scene news site. great!
bbsnet irc network - irc network for sysops
com/ip - one of the few fossil emulating telnet utilities available for sysops
damned software - division of demonic productions - makes darkness door game.
defiance communications - general bbsing page - some interesting stuff.
demonic's mod archives - our own archive of mods and modpacks.
fidonet - the world's largest echomail network.
idle dreams - online ansi pack gallery - sweet!
internet rex - internet mailer for echomail networks - highly recommended!
lordlegacy - current home of lord, lord2, and teos door games as well as a number of other bbs related projects.
lordlegacy links! - huge bbs related links database, formerly at darktech.org
ms-dos 6.22 help - wow. the whole dos 6.22 "help" program converted to html... heaven!
mtelnet - home of the mtelnet - great ansi telnet terminal for os/2 and win32.
my bbs source - alexie's massive collection of bbs software source code. essential!
netrunner - home of the great win32 telnet terminal - awesome for bbsing!
nighthawk's pcboard page - definitely one of the best pcboard support pages around.
scene.org - great site about the european demo scene
sio - awesome fossil/com port emulator for os/2
sysop's corner - nice general site with bbs related links and downloads
termix - termix is a great ansi telnet terminal for *nix oses by nd of demonic!
textfiles - massive archive of zines, and other textfiles.
the bbs organization - the best bbs related site out there nowadays. very dedicated!
the directory's bbs corner - great resource for sysops and users alike!
the etext archives - archives of lit, zines, and other textfiles.
the hornet archive - huge archive of demo and tracking scene files.
the zero network - our underground ftn style echomail network
thebbs.org archives - formerly pcmicro.com's archives, a huge selection of bbs related files - still very active.
thuglife.org - great site about the underground ascii art scene

bbses that don't suck

acropolis - run by smoke
black thursday - run by skatter
catch22 - run by ezdagor
defile - run by viroid and dr. stupid
distortion - run by jack phlash
dreamland - run by dream master
dungeon3 - run by smooth
ecstasy - run by reapern66
elixir! - run by sociopath
epitome of darkness - run by sinistersilence
fluph - run by skuz
hax0r's palace - run by hax0r
outzone - run by sinister x
piranha - run by caphood
scent - run by toxix
sector7 - run by grymmjack
the holy bong - run by crackdaddy
the lounge - run by martigan
the ozone - run by dink
tir tairngire - run by jinx and grem

know of a site that should be in this list? just contact us!

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