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about demonic productions

demonic productions was one of the last great groups to come out of the underground bbs modding scene.

modding is a term used to describe making modifications to bbs software or setups. in the modding scene these modifications are distributed and released by modding groups, similar to the ansi/ascii/vga art groups and warez/cracking groups the sprung out of the underground bbs scene in the early 1990s. these modifications are usually released as source code snippets, doors, tutorials, or script files, and more recently ansi modifications and preconfigured menus.

in its heyday demonic continued the tradition of the first, long dead, pack releasing modding groups like firm, cream, mor, illness, and tric by continuing to release high quality innovative modifications for bulletin boards. indeed, demonic has had quite a few very useful, innovative releases, maybe even a few firsts in the bbs world. the majority of demonic members believe in free software and keep their programs freeware, quite often releasing the source code.

fast forward to now - demonic has made over 200 releases, including 7 packs. most of the core demonic members have moved on to other things and therefore don't have the free time to put together enough modifications to put out packs in a timely manner but many of them continue to stay involved in the underground bbs scene and continue to make frequent releases. most of our work nowadays has shifted towards bigger projects such door games, bbs software, and larger utilities.

some of the software we have supported includes iniquity, illusion, telegard, pcboard, synchronet, impulse, eternity, renegade, instinct, mystic, oblivion/2, and vivid.

call demonic's official world headquarters distortion to grab these files the oldschool way!

also, if you are a sysop be sure to check out demonic's official echomail network, zeronet!

a tribute to past member and friend "m1cah" from demonic.

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