Genocide bbs software developed by Brandon Sneed (Nivenh) from early
1992-1994.  It was a source code hack of many other softwares, at first
based on the amazingly popular Forum BBS source code, then the
Otera BBS code.  Here is the last public release and it's source code.

Nivenh provided telephone techsupport for his registered customers, and
one day got a call about the software's name from a jewish man, and warded off
by his threats Nivenh changed it's name to Impulse. Also around this
time, he switch from hacking the Otera source to the Telegard source, thus the Impulse
we know and love was born. Impulse has always been recongnized as a scene
software for art bbses, very customizable, and very geared towards the underground
bbs scene.  Unfortunitly since it's beginnings it had always been plagued with bugs,
lack of documentation and lack of 3rd party support.  Here is impulse v3.5,
the upgrade to 4.5 beta 4 and the source to impulse 4.5 beta 7, which
should provide a nice starting point for any software.  Here is a version of
the impulse 3.5 development kit. (bascially a door kit)

Nivenh worked hard on the impulse, fixing more bugs and adding new features
(and bugs) quite often, until mid 1996. nivenh had planned on developing
impulse until version 7.0, which would be the last version.  He released
several test versions of impulse v6, which he wanted to be as stable as
possible before he worked on 7.  Here is the last one he released, impulse
version 6 prerelease #5 (full install) here is a version of impulse 5.0 just
for looks.

Nivenh worked on impulse more, till version 6 pre8, but never released
any after 6 pre5. up in late 1996. he was going to release impulse 7.0 under a
new name, Nexus/2. with more bug fixes, more features, new art, and even it's
own telnet daemon.  He got all geared up (he even released the Impulse 4.5
source to stirr stuff up) and with a huge team of beta testers and
boards.  He released only a handful of Nexus/2 betas before he decided to
stop for awhile. I was a beta tester, and did get a few copies of Nexus/2. here is
nexus/2 version .003 beta (full install) and 2 upgrades, v.004 and v.005.

exactly why Nivenh gave up the project, I am not sure, but he then sold the
source code to Codezero, who was going to continue the project, but never
did.  He ended up passing the source code to Private Parts. I hear he worked
on it a little, but apparently never got out a public release before giving
up and releasing the source publically.  Here is nivenh's original nexus/2
version .05-.06 beta source code, last release early 97.

Before Nexus/2 was offically scraped by Code zero, Nivenh decided to
continue on Impulse, but he was going to do it as a windows 32bit version
in delphi, with a gui wfc and telnet daemon.  He didn't work much on it, but
he may still continue the project.  Nivenh said he'd continue the project if in
one way or another if there was still interest, though most likely he'd have
the start over as so much of the Impulse code is from his learning days.

Nivenh then passed the original Impulse 7 source code (Impulse 7 being Nexus/2
renamed impulse) to Horrid in mid 1998, who worked on it until late 1998.  He
continued to try to fix all the bugs he could find, but eventually he gave
up on this seemingly impossible task.  He then handed the source code to Judge
Dread, but Judge Dread decided he'd have to recode Impulse from scratch to
really do what he wanted to it, which of course never happened.  Horrid went
on to fix more bugs in his version before totally quitting.  I recommend you
run his version, as they are probably the most stable. here is impulse v7.1
and the impulse 7.1 source code. here is a unit that Horrid forgot to
include in the source, and would have kept you from compiling the source... :)


Horrid is still working on Impulse 7.2 on ocasion, if he does decide to pick
the project back up he will start updating this page and it will become the
offical Impulse page. woohoo.

This site created and maintained by Jack Phlash
additional help and info by Horrid and Nivenh