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demonic packs: includes many of the below files plus extras!
daydream, eternity, illusion, impulse and nexus/2, iniquity, instinct, mystic, oblivion2, pcboard, renegade, synchronet, telegard, wwiv: bbs mods, doors, and utilities for specific software
bbs doors: non software specific doors programs
programming: source code, snippets, utilities
miscellaneous: includes other utilities, info files, etc.


description: how to use synchronet 3.xx as a telnet server for renegade by: hax0r comments: can be used for almost any software, not just renegade. includes very detailed docs and synchronet baja source files [*****]

description: demonic rumors module - customizable forum style rumors for synchronet 3.00+ by: jack phlash comments: good basic rumors script, includes baja source code and great documentation! [****-]

description: never believe disclaimer module for synchronet 3.00+ by: jack phlash comments: forces user to agree to disclaimer before proceeding to application process. includes good custom art and a lengthy but unique default disclaimer... also includes baja source code! [****-]

description: synchronet oneliners module for synchronet 3.00+ by: jack phlash comments: simple oneliners script, easy to mod. includes good custom art and full baja source code! great docs! [****-]

description: synchronet telnet verifer 1.00 for synchronet 3.00+ - attempts to email user a random code which they must then type in to verify that they have entered a valid email address. by: jack phlash comments: based off (concept, not code) the original telval baja script by pistolgrip. includes good docs and full baja source [*****]

description: synchronet quick logon mod for any version of synchronet. by: jack phlash comments: an info file on how to modify your baja scripts to add a quick logon prompt to your setup. [***--]

description: ami/x style replacement waiting for caller (wfc) screen for synchronet 2.30+ by: jack phlash comments: pretty damn ugly custom art but people still use it for some reason. [**---]

description: node listing header for synchronet by: sloop comments: a simple ansi/string mod for any version of synchronet. good custom art. decent docs [***--]

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