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demonic productions releases

demonic packs: includes many of the below files plus extras!
daydream, eternity, illusion, impulse and nexus/2, iniquity, instinct, mystic, oblivion2, pcboard, renegade, synchronet, telegard, wwiv: bbs mods, doors, and utilities for specific software
bbs doors: non software specific doors programs
programming: source code, snippets, utilities
miscellaneous: includes other utilities, info files, etc.


description: illusion bbs file conference menu and setup guide by: brandx comments: should work with most versions of illusion. very basic but unique and may be helpful to some. [**---]

description: guide to setting up protocols in illusion bbs by: brandx comments: very brief and very general... probably not at all useful to anyone but newbies. [*----]

description: illusion new user logon v1.0 - features ansi and string replacements to change the appearance of the new user application. by: brandx comments: for illusion 1.99b5 but may work with some modification in other versions. so-so ansi ripped from various places but overall a decent example on how to mod the new user application routines in illusion. [***--]

description: illusion bbs backup utility - program that can back up your illusion setup by: illusion comments: i'm not sure what the major advantage of using this over using a normal batch file would be, but it seems to work well. [***--]

description: illusion apply script 2.0 by: narcissus comments: reworked version of the default apply script in illusion. includes customizable strings and a few extra ansis. decent custom artwork but sadly no ipl source included [***--]

description: illusion top users ranker door by: natedogg comments: includes good artwork that matches the illusion's default setup and good docs. needs a tpfix patch applied to it to run on fast systems [***--]

description: operation ivy bbs setup (illusion) by: illusion comments: a semi-complete modded bbs setup under illusion bbs - some good examples in here for newbie sysops [***--]

description: lightbar message area change by: thelemtish comments: attempts to match the look of illusion's default setup. uses mnu files so may not be compatible with all versions of illusion. decent documentation [***--]

description: illusion top uploaders/downloaders script by: voivode comments: good custom art. includes full ips source code! great docs! by one of the guys who made illusion! [****-]

description: illusion top posters/post call ratios script by: voivode comments: good custom art. includes full ips source code! great docs! by one of the guys who made illusion! [****-]

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