Damned Software: A Division of Demonic Productions
Damned Software creates freeware BBS programs and
addons for a variety of BBS systems.

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Current Status - v1.00b3 released 6/15/2001

Beta Updates - latest build released 11/20/2001

Downloads - Download Darkness v1.0 and addons for it

Other Links - Links to other related door games

Latest Update! New beta build... fixes a few minor bugs that needed immeadiate attention. please keep the bug reports rolling in to me!

Reminder! Because Darkness is still in its beta test phase I will be releasing regular updates for it as bug reports arrive. These updates will include bug fixes, corrections, and minor new features. I plan on releasing them on a regular basis ranging from every day to every few weeks, depending on how serious the errors are and how busy I am with other things. Check out the Beta Updates section for the latest build...

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